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Fajr Time Rawalpindi: Prayer is one of the most important religious duties that all Muslims around the world have to perform as well as perform.

All your problems are going to be solved when you perform your prayers on time and the blessings of Allah will always be upon you. Fajr Azan Time Rawalpindi Prayer times in Pakistan are different in different cities, let us tell you about the prayer times in Rawalpindi city.

Fajr prayer time in Rawalpindi is 05:42 AM Zuhr prayer time is 12:10 PM Asr prayer time is 03:30 PM Maghrib prayer time is 05:08 PM and Isha prayer time is 06:37 pm.

You can print the Islamic calendar 2023 and prayer timings table in Rawalpindi for a whole year. The prayer times schedule is automatically updated so you can always find the most authentic and accurate prayer times and Ramadan calendar 2023 for the month of Ramadan 2023. Get accurate weekly and monthly azan and prayer times timetables.

Rawalpindi Prayer Times

Dec 265:41 AM7:10 AM12:08 PM3:28 PM5:06 PM6:35 PM
Dec 275:42 AM7:11 AM12:09 PM3:29 PM5:07 PM6:36 PM
Dec 285:42 AM7:11 AM12:09 PM3:29 PM5:07 PM6:36 PM
Dec 295:42 AM7:11 AM12:10 PM3:30 PM5:08 PM6:37 PM
Dec 305:43 AM7:12 AM12:10 PM3:31 PM5:09 PM6:38 PM
Dec 315:43 AM7:12 AM12:11 PM3:32 PM5:09 PM6:38 PM
Jan 015:43 AM7:12 AM12:11 PM3:32 PM5:10 PM6:39 PM
Jan 025:44 AM7:12 AM12:12 PM3:33 PM5:11 PM6:40 PM
Jan 035:44 AM7:12 AM12:12 PM3:34 PM5:12 PM6:40 PM
Jan 045:44 AM7:13 AM12:12 PM3:35 PM5:13 PM6:41 PM
Jan 055:44 AM7:13 AM12:13 PM3:35 PM5:13 PM6:42 PM
Jan 065:44 AM7:13 AM12:13 PM3:36 PM5:14 PM6:43 PM
Jan 075:44 AM7:13 AM12:14 PM3:37 PM5:15 PM6:43 PM
Jan 085:45 AM7:13 AM12:14 PM3:38 PM5:16 PM6:44 PM
Jan 095:45 AM7:13 AM12:15 PM3:39 PM5:17 PM6:45 PM
Jan 105:45 AM7:13 AM12:15 PM3:40 PM5:18 PM6:46 PM
Jan 115:45 AM7:13 AM12:15 PM3:40 PM5:18 PM6:46 PM
Jan 125:45 AM7:13 AM12:16 PM3:41 PM5:19 PM6:47 PM
Jan 135:45 AM7:13 AM12:16 PM3:42 PM5:20 PM6:48 PM
Jan 145:45 AM7:12 AM12:17 PM3:43 PM5:21 PM6:49 PM
Jan 155:45 AM7:12 AM12:17 PM3:44 PM5:22 PM6:50 PM
Jan 165:45 AM7:12 AM12:17 PM3:45 PM5:23 PM6:50 PM
Jan 175:44 AM7:12 AM12:18 PM3:46 PM5:24 PM6:51 PM
Jan 185:44 AM7:11 AM12:18 PM3:47 PM5:25 PM6:52 PM
Jan 195:44 AM7:11 AM12:18 PM3:48 PM5:26 PM6:53 PM
Jan 205:44 AM7:11 AM12:19 PM3:49 PM5:27 PM6:54 PM
Jan 215:44 AM7:10 AM12:19 PM3:50 PM5:28 PM6:54 PM
Jan 225:43 AM7:10 AM12:19 PM3:51 PM5:29 PM6:55 PM
Jan 235:43 AM7:10 AM12:19 PM3:52 PM5:30 PM6:56 PM

Fajr Prayer Time In Rawalpindi

5:39 AM7:05 AM12:21 PM3:17 PM5:39 PM7:04 PM01 Feb 202310 Rajab 1444
5:39 AM7:04 AM12:22 PM3:18 PM5:40 PM7:05 PM02 Feb 202311 Rajab 1444
5:38 AM7:03 AM12:22 PM3:18 PM5:41 PM7:06 PM03 Feb 202312 Rajab 1444
5:38 AM7:02 AM12:22 PM3:19 PM5:42 PM7:06 PM04 Feb 202313 Rajab 1444
5:37 AM7:02 AM12:22 PM3:20 PM5:43 PM7:07 PM05 Feb 202314 Rajab 1444
5:36 AM7:01 AM12:22 PM3:21 PM5:43 PM7:08 PM06 Feb 202315 Rajab 1444
5:36 AM7:00 AM12:22 PM3:21 PM5:44 PM7:09 PM07 Feb 202316 Rajab 1444
5:35 AM6:59 AM12:22 PM3:22 PM5:45 PM7:10 PM08 Feb 202317 Rajab 1444
5:34 AM6:58 AM12:22 PM3:23 PM5:46 PM7:11 PM09 Feb 202318 Rajab 1444
5:33 AM6:57 AM12:22 PM3:24 PM5:47 PM7:11 PM10 Feb 202319 Rajab 1444
5:32 AM6:57 AM12:22 PM3:24 PM5:48 PM7:12 PM11 Feb 202320 Rajab 1444
5:32 AM6:56 AM12:22 PM3:25 PM5:49 PM7:13 PM12 Feb 202321 Rajab 1444
5:31 AM6:55 AM12:22 PM3:26 PM5:50 PM7:14 PM13 Feb 202322 Rajab 1444
5:30 AM6:54 AM12:22 PM3:26 PM5:51 PM7:15 PM14 Feb 202323 Rajab 1444
5:29 AM6:53 AM12:22 PM3:27 PM5:52 PM7:15 PM15 Feb 202324 Rajab 1444
5:28 AM6:52 AM12:22 PM3:28 PM5:53 PM7:16 PM16 Feb 202325 Rajab 1444
5:27 AM6:51 AM12:22 PM3:28 PM5:54 PM7:17 PM17 Feb 202326 Rajab 1444
5:26 AM6:50 AM12:22 PM3:29 PM5:55 PM7:18 PM18 Feb 202327 Rajab 1444
5:25 AM6:49 AM12:22 PM3:30 PM5:56 PM7:19 PM19 Feb 202328 Rajab 1444
5:24 AM6:47 AM12:22 PM3:30 PM5:56 PM7:20 PM20 Feb 202329 Rajab 1444
5:23 AM6:46 AM12:22 PM3:31 PM5:57 PM7:20 PM21 Feb 202330 Rajab 1444
5:22 AM6:45 AM12:21 PM3:31 PM5:58 PM7:21 PM22 Feb 202301 Shaʿbān 1444
5:21 AM6:44 AM12:21 PM3:32 PM5:59 PM7:22 PM23 Feb 202302 Shaʿbān 1444
5:20 AM6:43 AM12:21 PM3:32 PM6:00 PM7:23 PM24 Feb 202303 Shaʿbān 1444
5:19 AM6:42 AM12:21 PM3:33 PM6:01 PM7:24 PM25 Feb 202304 Shaʿbān 1444
5:18 AM6:41 AM12:21 PM3:34 PM6:02 PM7:24 PM26 Feb 202305 Shaʿbān 1444
5:17 AM6:39 AM12:21 PM3:34 PM6:02 PM7:25 PM27 Feb 202306 Shaʿbān 1444
5:16 AM6:38 AM12:21 PM3:35 PM6:03 PM7:26 PM28 Feb 202307 Shaʿbān 1444


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