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GEPCO Online Bill 2023 – Download Duplicate Bill

Gepco Bill Online Check

Gepco Online Bill | Gepco Online Bill Check | dreamyworldinfo

What is Gepco Bill Check Online: To check your bill online, visit the GEPCO Online Bill site and enter your 14-digit bill reference number. After that, you will see the current bill.

If you don’t know your bill reference number, we’ll tell you how to find the reference number. The reference number is clearly indicated to you in the image below. This reference number consists of 14 digits and does not contain any spaces or dashes. Apart from the reference number, you cannot withdraw the bill from your ID card.

After entering the reference number in the input field it will show you the latest bill otherwise it will show you the old bill. You can also view your past bill details through Gapco Online Bill. You will know through Gepco Online Bill View whether you have paid the previous bill or not.

(Online Gepco Bill Check )GEPCO electricity has more than 4 million customers.


GEPCO MIS is the abbreviation for the Gujranwala Electric Power Company Management Information System. This computerised system is used by GEPCO to manage its business operations and provide improved customer service. The system is designed to handle a number of aspects of the business’s commercial activities, including maintenance, customer support, and billing.

Using the GEPCO MIS, customers can review their bills, make online payments, and access account information. It also helps the company to monitor energy use, run its operations more efficiently, and address any client issues or complaints. All things considered, the GEPCO MIS is a vital tool for GEPCO to enhance customer service and ensure the effectiveness of its operations.

Introduction to GEPCO ( Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited)

GEPCO stands for Gujranwala Electric Power Company. GEPCO was incorporated on June 5, 1998, for the generation and consumption of electricity. The following are the districts in which GEPCO supplies electricity:

  • Gujranwala
  • Hafizabad
  • Sialkot
  • Narowal
  • Gujrat
  • Mandi Bahauddin

GEPCO has about 3098120 active electricity connections including agricultural connections. The average monthly receipts for 2016 and 2017 are about 8937 million.

If you have not received your electricity bill, you can get a duplicate of your electricity bill from this site. Now you don’t need to go to the GEPCO office. You can check your current electricity bill from this site or pay from a bank or Jazz Cash by taking out a duplicate copy.

Gujranwala Electric Power Company was established under the jurisdiction of the erstwhile Area Extreme-Board to supply electricity to areas like Mandi Bahawaldin from Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Sialkot, Gujarat, Gujranwala Electricity Power Company came into existence on 25 April 1998 to WAPDA on 5 June 1998. He started his business

Earlier in the 1960s, the Government of Pakistan decided to develop an autonomous authority system to deal with all water resources and power system networks, including power generation, transmission and distribution. The network was divided into eight Area Electricity Boards. To deal with the Gujranwala electricity distribution system, the Government of Pakistan launched the Gujranwala Electric Power Company.

GEPCO online complaint system

Through the Gepco E complaint system, which is available on the company’s official website, you can also file an online complaint. These items are necessary for online complaints, and you must provide information to successfully register a complaint.

Name: Mobile: Number:

Your Email Address or the Type of Complaint
Reference number for you
Describe your complaint briefly

You only need the 14-digit Reference number from your previous electricity bill, which is typically printed on the left side of the bill in the first column and sixth row, if you want to check and print your GESCO electricity bill. In a matter of seconds, you will have a copy of the bill in your hands.

How to Check Bill Online Gepco and pay online

Pay bills online Easily. You can pay the bill With

  • JazzCash
  • Easypaisa
  • Mezan Bank
  • Ubl Bank

Pay Bill with Jazzcash. Dial *786# And Pay bill select then

  • Select Gepco Online bill
  • Enter reference number
  • Enter your pin
  • Your bill has been paid

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can GAPCO get duplicate bills?

If you have not received the bill copy from WAPDA, you can take a printout after downloading your bill copy by entering the 14-digit number here. You can pay the electricity bill on this duplicate copy.

How to Calculate Gepco Bill?

You can calculate your Gapco bill based on the units used using the online bill calculator.

How to Pay Gepco Electricity Bill?

We have explained its procedure above. Please read it.

What is FPA in the GEPCO WAPDA bill?

This is an additional amount called Fuel Price Adjustment SPA (FPA) that is added to your bill based on fluctuating fuel prices.

Can I check GEPCO online bill through the meter number or CNIC?

Currently, you cannot check your bill with the CNIC MAT number as this facility is not yet available online. So you can get your bill reference number by visiting your nearest subdivision office and using it to get a duplicate copy of your bill.

How can I pay my bill in installments?

There is no specific procedure for this but you can apply for your bill amount arrears which are pending by visiting the Sub Division Office.

How do I get a new bill for my new GEPCO meter?

When you get your new meter installed, you won’t be billed for 3 months. If you do not receive the bill for the new meter even after three months, you should contact GAPCO Sub-Division Office.

Can I change the name on the Gepco meter bill?

You can change your name on the Gepco meter bill but the process is the same as getting a new meter connection.

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