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Hesco Online Bill – Check Bill Hesco Bill Online & Print Duplicate 2023-24

Hesco Online Bill: Hesco company is located in Hyderabad along with Karachi, and he is responsible for providing electricity in the area. Which is still running and providing its services. It was formed on 23 April 1998.

You can examine your Hesco bills online by connecting to the internet. To check your bill, use the HESCO website. The same option can be used to duplicate your bill.
You may quickly access the invoices for the current month and evaluate your account details, such as how many units were consumed and how much you have paid, by checking your FESCO, LESCO, and HESCO bill.

Hesco Online Bill Check

If you want to check your current bill, then you can check your previous bill, note your reference number on it and come here and add this reference number. After adding, you will get your current bill in no time. This is an online method and very easy.

This method is designed for those who use the internet and want their bill online. Before this method, people did not know how to check their bills online. This method is very simple and without wasting time.

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Hesco Bill Check Online 2023

  • if you want your duplicate bill online, then follow these simple setups.
  • First of all, You need 14 digit number and select your 14 reference numbers.
  • Out reference numbers and click the red button.
  • After submitting the reference number, wait some minutes you will get your duplicate bill on this page.
  • if you did not find your duplicate bill, then wait hesco did not realize your new bill.
  • This is the latest and new way of checking bills online.
Operation CircleDivisionsSub-Divisions
HESCO Region1569


If anyone is facing a problem with Electricity, they can be registered to complain and get a solution from Company.

HESCO Headquarters: WAPDA Complex, Hussainabad Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan

Phone No : (+92)22-9260161


Hesco provides opportunities for customers can complain. Sometimes, due to too much work, the bills are mistakenly overcharged. In this situation, the company allows the customer to request the correctness of their bill by filing a complaint with the company.

The Main Aim of Hesco.

Hesco aims to transfer electricity around the Hyderabad area. The main objective of this institution is to provide round-the-clock electricity to its surrounding areas without any interruption. The people need electricity so that they do their work properly. This organization is trying to make friendly relations with its customers, and it is trying to improve its quality. To establish a friendly environment between the customers and Hesco, Hesco also provides its own rights and protection.

Hesco Online Bill 2023 Download Duplicate online bill

Online Hesco Bill 2023 Payment

Hesco has also introduced online payment solutions to solve the problems of customers. Through this method, everyone can pay all his bills online or from any franchise.

The Bill payment procedure has been kept very simple so that every customer can understand and pay their bills. This method was introduced because some customers could not pay exactly on time due to lack of time and Why they had to pay late bills with a penalty, but now, with the online procedure, you can pay bills at home sitting at home.

Online Payment Method 

  • The online bill payment procedure is kept very simple.
  • One method is that if you have the jazz cash or Easy Paisa app, you can also pay your bill with it.
  • The procedure is that you can get your bill paid from any bank. If you don’t think it’s convenient to go to the bank. if you have a bank app, you can pay your bill from that bank.

Pay With Jazz Cash 

  • Type *786#.
  • Select the pay bill option.
  • Select Hesco and put 14 reference numbers.
  • After putting the reference number.
  • Enter your pin code.
  • Congratulations, your bill has been paid.
  • Another online method is also the same, and you can pay the bill by following this easy step 1 by 1 

Every Online App System Is The Same, And You Can Easily Understand The Method. 

Online payment method is digital and very easy for businessman and other people who don’t want any difficult situation. The Hesco mission is to make a digital system easy for customers. The main reason is if the customer is happy, then the company’s success rate increases and will succeed soon. I hope this information is informative for you to share this information with your lovers.

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