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Jazz Internet Packages 3G/4G New Update

Jazz Internet Packages Daily, Monthly, Weekly,

Jazz Internet packages: Jazz is the standard and fastest network operating in Pakistan. There are 75 million plus jazz users in Pakistan, so jazz provides the cheapest and standard packages to its customers.

jazz provides the same to its customers according to their budget i.e. if a person wants to use the 1-day package he has no more budget then he can use the 1-day package if a person wants to If he uses a three-day or week package then he can install a week package and use it. jazz also allows its users to use the package for six months to one year. This is the reason why jazz is a very popular and widely used network in Pakistan

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Jazz Daily Internet Packages 2022

Package NameDetail
Jazz Free FacebookRs 0Open Facebook and use it by jazz data 
Jazz Free WhatsApp OfferRs 1.5Dail *225# and enjoy Free Whatsapp
Jazz Daily SMS + WhatsApp PackageRs 7.2Dail *334# and get 10mb and 1800 sms for 1 day
Jazz WhatsApp PackageRs 7.2Dail *247# and get Whatsapp MB for 1 day 
Jazz Gujranwala Super Duper Offer5 GB Internet  DATA (12 AM – 9 AM)Rs7.3Dail *775# and get data for a limited time
Apna Shehar Package(Selected cities)Rs 10Dial *229# and get MB by selecting your city 
Jazz Daily Browser OfferRs 121 GB Internet DATA For (24 Hours) 
Jazz Sindh PackageRs 12250 MB Internet  DATAUnlimited Warid Jazz Mins1500 SMS fOR ANY SIM
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package(Khi only)Rs 13300 MB DATA​Unlimited and other network Jazz Mins1400 SMS
KPK Daily OfferRs 13250 MB Internet DATa for FB WhatsApp in and other unlimited Jazz Mins1500 SMS
Jazz Day BundleRs 1420 MB DATA300 Jazz Mins300 SMSDail *340#
Jazz Daily ExtremeRs 152 GB Internet DATA (12 AM-12 PM)Dail *757#
Jazz Daily Youtube and SocialesRs 161.5 GB  Internet DATAfor YouTube, WhatsApp & Facebook
Jazz Daily SuperRs 201440 minutes, 50 Free SMS to All Networks Dail *212#.
Jazz Free Music Bundle(Daily)Rs 20Dail 502*1*1# and get 50 MB
Jazz Daily MegaRs 301 GB DATA for 1 day Dail *117*4#
Jazz Super PlusRs 30500 MB DATA500 Jazz Mins5 Other Network Mins500 SMSDAIL *558#

Jazz Free Facebook

The Jazz allows users to have free Facebook while users who are jazz customers and use regular jazz allows users to play free Facebook on Jazz by turning on data on jazz to play Facebook videos for free on jazz. You can see pictures and also do activities. This internet package of Jeez is very surprising and amazing and absolutely free. 


In the Jazz daily YouTube and social package. Get 1.5GB of internet data which can be used for YouTube WhatsApp and Facebook this is a day package and you can use it in 24 hours. This is a useful package for jazz users who uses social media. For The Activation Dail  Subscription Code *968#. The Charge is a Subscription Fee of Rs.23 (Incl. Tax)


In this package of jazz, you will get 1 GB of internet data which can be used for 24 hours. In this package, you get 1gp of internet data which you can use for the entire internet except social. The charges for activating this package are very reasonable Rs.35 (Incl. Tax). This Jazz package everyone can use.


In this package, you get 1.5 GB of internet data which you can use on Facebook youtube then and other internet usage this package can be activated in any city you can use this package within 24 hours. How to activate this package is very simple

Package Activation Fee Rs.23 (Incl. Tax). The Activation code is *968#. If you want more information then Dail *968*2#

Jazz weekly internet packages

In this package, you are given 5 GP internet data by jazz which you can use on WhatsApp youtube, and other internet because this package is available in any region of Pakistan by activating this package for 138 rupees. To activate the back key, you can go to the retailer shop and activate it or activate it on your JazzCash app or another activation code is Dial *660#. After activating this offer you can enjoy a weak by using the internet.

Jazz offers both prepaid and postpaid customers a variety of services. According to user needs, it offers a variety of packages. Jazz also offers a variety of bundles for its prepaid customers, including daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages.

Daily Internet Packages for Jazz
Jazz offers its subscribers a daily internet package based on their demands. YouTube, Facebook, and the Social package are all included.

Jazz Monthly Premium

Jazz gives its users 25 GP internet data and 300 Jazz Warid network minutes in this package which can be used for 30 days. You can also get this package by going to the retailer shop and getting your package if you have the JazzCash app then you can also activate this package on your phone. you can activate this package by dialling code *2000#

Jazz Monthly Social

In the jazz package, you get 12000 free SMS and 7GB of internet data for social networks, in this package, you can use Facebook, Whatsapp, IMO, etc. Apart from this, you don’t use this data for any other purpose.

You can get this package and activate it from any shop that is registered with a check. You can activate it by dialling the code on your mobile, it does not give you any free minutes and its advantage is You can use this offer for one month.

Dial *661# and activate this offer on your number. If you have any information about this offer dial *661*3#. When you active your offer on your sim then simply dial *661*2# if you want to unsubscribe from this offer don’t worry simply dial *661*4# and you have unsubscribed from Jazz monthly social 

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