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Raja Rani Coupon Lottery Result | Raja Rani Lottery Result

Raja Rani Result 2023 | Raja Rani Coupon Ka Result

Raja Rani Result

Today we will also talk about one such thing in the city of Bihar. It will talk about a lottery that everyone wants to use. It is also called Rani Bihar. The special thing about it is its raja rani coupon result is published every day and people actively participate in it many people also get prizes from it which is why people make it very true on the internet that the lucky number has come out today.

Raja Rani Lottery is a very popular type of lottery and almost all people of Bihar buy its kaftan and participate in it. After that, they come online to check their number and The results look at whether they are getting anything out of it.

raja rani coupon results are published daily on the website and sent to everyone on their numbers. Sometimes the reason for not sending the lottery results is that the raja rani ka result is published on the online website.

If you don’t get your raja rani coupon ka result then the way to know is very easy you can check your result by visiting the website to see if you have got any number or not.

People of India have been earning from this lottery for a long time and are enjoying this raja rani ke result so much that the coupons in some cities of India have people mocking and questioning it sometimes.

When the results are extended, people call this lottery bad

The results of this lottery are totaled after every half hour and every half hour starts from 8:30 PM and ends at 6:00 PM. You can check it every half hour. What is the number?

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How to Play Raja Rani Coupon Result Today.

If you want to know about the Raja Rani lottery and after knowing how to play and participate in it, you have come to the right place.

To participate in the lottery first you don’t have to buy a ticket you can choose any right person to buy the ticket after buying the ticket you will get a number on the ticket every half hour result An announcement is made, matches your number with the result

If your number matches the resulting number then congratulations you have won your prize from It.

As far as the coupon result today is concerned, they give you the letter news on their website as soon as it is published from the government side every hour after half an hour every day. After raja rani results in 2021 company changed the timing and schedule.

Lottery NameRaja Rani Coupon Lottery
Draw NameRaja Rani Coupon
First PrizeAnnounced
Result Time8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Result StatusReleased

Raja Rani Bhutan result

Raja Rani Lottery publishes results many times a day. That’s why people like it so much besides its tickets sell more and more and it is popular all over India. The raja rani result chart will start at 8:30 and end at 6:30. the people who play and like the lottery buy tickets before the day. if you want to see the previous history you can check raja rani result 2020 and also you can check the latest.

8:30 AMFirst Draw
9:00 AMSecond Draw
9:30 AMThird Draw
10:00 AMFourth Draw
10:30 AMFifth Draw
11:00 AMSixth Draw
11:30 AMSeventh Draw
12:00 PMEighth Draw
12:30 PMNinth Draw
01:00 PMTenth Draw
01:30 PMEleventh Draw
02:00 PMTwelfth Draw
02:30 PMThirteenth Draw
03:00 PMFourteenth Draw
03:30 PMFifteenth Draw
04:00 PMSixteenth Draw
04:30 PMSeventeenth Draw
05:00 PMEighteenth Draw
05:30 PMNineteenth Draw
06:00 PMTwentieth Draw

How to Check Raja Rani Coupon Results 2023 Online?

Every person who is playing a game with the raja rani lottery wants to know how to check the raja rani results online. The simple method is going to the official website and getting all the latest results another method is if you land on our website then we will give you the latest play.

  • First of all, go to the official website
  • Then if you log in then good and well if you don’t have then sign up 
  • Submit your id and login 
  • Match Coupon with results 
Raja Rani Coupon Lottery Result | Raja Rani Lottery Result | Dreamyworldinfo

Raja Rani Lottery Result Chart Coupon Names

Having one coupon in each draw is a sign of complexity in the draw. Sally Raja Rani Lotteries have given separate names to the coupons for each draw so that the customer can easily know which coupon to buy and people in Be interested

raja rani result coupon numberraja rani result Bhutan upon Name
1Rajarani Pahla Daw
2Rajarani Subah
3Rajarani Kiran
4Raja Rani Hindustani
5Rajarani Prabha
6Rajarani Lajawab
7Rajarani Samrat
8Rajarani Deluxe
9Rajarani Noon
10Rajarani King
11Rajarani Royal
12Rajarani Millenium
13Rajarani Hundred
14Rajarani Diamond
15Rajarani Sona
16Rajya Rani Express
17Rajarani Speasal
18Rajarani Sandhi
19Rajarani Chandni
20Rajarani Sham

Important Points Kept in Mind While Playing Raja Rani Coupon

Raja Rani Result Today – FAQ

When will the Raja Rani Draw start?

The first Draw result starts at 8:30 Am and ends at 6:00 pm

How many draws are there in the Raja Rani Lottery?

raja rani ki result from Total 20 Draw and every 30 mins you can check raja rani coupon Bihar Jharkhand result

What are the names of the Top first 5 draws in the Raja Rani Lottery?

  • Rajarani Pahla Daw
  • Rajarani Subah
  • Rajarani Kiran
  • Rajarani Hindustani
  • Rajarani Prabhat


I hope after reading this article you will know all about the rani raja lottery. After reading this you will know all information about it. How to buy coupons and how to apply. This lottery is available in India and most people like this lottery 

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