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540 Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan

150-Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan: solar panel prices in Pakistan start from 10,000 (ten thousand) to five lakhs. Best Selling Products in Pakistan are Jinko Eagle 72 Solar Panel 340 Watt 72 Cell Module, Arlo Solar Panel, Solar Flood Light 60W Wall Light Wall Lamp Outdoor LED Solar Light Solar LED Flood Light High Powered Sensor Auto Automatic 2020 New Unique Energy Saving Solar Panel Outdoor Lighting Garden Security Lamp Waterproof IP65 Wall Lamp Floodlight Flood Lam, and Ring Solar Panel.

Inverex Solar Panel Price In Pakistan – Price Summary

A solar panel or solar plate assembles solar (photovoltaic) cells arranged on a graded basis. Which is mounted on a supporting structure (panel). Generally, these panels are made of silicon semiconductors (monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels, and sick solar panels) that absorb sunlight by creating the ability to generate current.

Compared to other countries, the demand for solar panels has increased in Pakistan due to various factors. Due to multiple crises in Pakistan, continuous power outages and non-reach of remote areas may require people to depend on these solar panels for energy. People buy solar panels in Pakistan due to a lack of sources of income and rising electricity bills.

You may find each solar panel better because of its features. In terms of other countries, their purchase price has been kept very low in Pakistan. These solar panels have their features, which are as follows.

Longi Solar Panel Price In Pakistan Monocrystalline plates

Monocrystalline solar panels are exquisite and efficient. Their design looks nice and smooth to our eyes. But it is a bit expensive compared to the other two types.

These solar plates are made of silicon crystals. One of their many advantages is that they take up less space, and whatever your financial status, this monocrystalline line is your choice.

Polycrystalline plates

Polycrystalline solar panels are cheaper than monocrystalline panels. These use multiple silicon parts to generate current but are less efficient. They are not as pretty to look at as monocrystalline. Their film thickness is thin and amorphous but is the lowest in performance. These areas are also denser and require higher temperatures. And their performance is also a few years less than monocrystalline.

Canadian Solar Panels Price In Pakistan Power of Solar Panels

The solar panels’ power, location, and efficiency vary depending on size, material, etc. You can use solar panels for a minimum of 5 watts and a maximum of 700 watts. (This is used to power small batteries).

150 Watts, 300 Watts, 400 Watts, 420 Watts, 540 Watts, 550 Watts, 570 Watts, 590 Watts, and 670 Watts are available in the market and can generate electricity depending on their capacity and other factors.

Most residential solar panels are rated between 150 watts and 300 watts per hour, so they can generate between 1kw/h and 3kw/h.

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Jinko Solar Panels Price In Pakistan 500-watt solar panel

Generally, the cost of a 540 Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan is between three lahks to four lakh Pakistani rupees. The price of the brand depends on the capacity you will buy. The cost of each solar panel varies depending on the make and structure.

600 Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan 1kw solar panel

In Pakistan, this type of panel is prevalent in most homes. Most people go to buy for low power. There is no price for a 1kw in Pakistan as it varies from brand to brand. Price-wise there is a difference between mono and poly, but their purchase price starts from Rs.95000.

5 kW solar panel

 Among the solar panels, the most sold solar panels are 5kw. The price of a 5 kW solar plate in Pakistan ranges from 550000 to 650000 Pakistani rupees. Available in Astro, Trina, and Jinko at this price. These are used to run water pumps in homes. If You have a mini-Budget, you can choose 150 Watt Solar Panel, And 150 Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan is low and affordable.

10 kW solar panel

This is one of the most expensive panels. These panels are generally used to run tube wells and ACs. The cost of 10 kw poly panels in Pakistan is around 1030000 Pakistani rupees. But the same power in Mono will be 100k less in price.

Cheap Solar Panels Found in Pakistan

Cheap solar panels in the Pakistan market include Ring Solar Panel, Arlo Solar Panel, Switchbot Solar Panel, and Ultra End Pro Three Solar Panel.

Standard Solar Plates in Pakistan


The first solar panel that comes to mind is Invex, the best seller in the market. They are in high demand in Pakistan. These are exquisite and quality panels.

Inverex cheap and over the counter

The following models are available.

  • Inverex 150 watts mono perc inverperfect
  • Inverperfect watts poly invex 150


Longi is a top solar panel brand among the top-selling brands in the market today, its sales are steadily increasing and occupying the market today.

Following are some of the cheap long solar panels.

  • Longi 435 Watt Mono PERC
  • Longi 445 Watt Mono PERC
  • longi 540 waat bifacial hi-mo

The company name in the list of multinational companies is Pakistan’s most prominent solar solutions provider, which popularized solar panels in Pakistan. Janko products are spread all over Pakistan and are slowly gaining a foothold in the Pakistani market.

Some other great brands

  • Ja solar
  • Canadian
  • Sunpower
  • Suntech
  • SolarWorld
  • Znshine

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