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Telenor Packages Weekly Internet

Telenor Internet Packages Weekly

Telenor Internet Packages Weekly: To stay in touch with each other in the world requires electronic media that connects you to the Internet. Internet packages are provided to facilitate communication with each other

Companies have introduced two types of SIMs for communication, one prepaid and the other postpaid. The company sends you a monthly bill through the postpaid SIM while the packages are added to the prepaid.

Get 20GB net for YouTube or Netflix including 10GB from 11 am to 1 am and stream more of your favorite seasons with the best 30 Gb.

The choice is yours What do you intend to stream from More MBS?

How to activate 4G Weekly Ultra Plus

4G Weekly Ultra PlusInternetRateValidityDialStatus Check
Internet 20GB (incl. 10GB 1 AM – 11 AM)Rs. 240 incl. tax7 Days*225#*225*2#


Your package is valid for 7 days after subscription and subscribers will be notified after package expiry.

Terms and Conditions

There is no restriction on subscribing to this package. You can subscribe multiple times within the package period. Packages are subject to change at any time.

Telenor Internet Packages Weekly 2021 4G Weekly Ultra

4G Weekly UltraInternetRateValidityDialStatus Check
8GB + 1GB SoundCloud & PatariRs. 190 inc tax.7 Days*336#*336*2#

Whether it’s for YouTube or Netflix, get 8GB (+1GB SoundCloud & Patari) and stream your favorite seasons of More Se Zyada with the best.

Similar to the “Telenor Good Time Offer,” the telecommunications provider also offers the “Telenor Din Bhar Package” and “Telenor Din Bhar Offer,” which give 20 MBs of internet data and unlimited voice minutes for Rs 8 and Rs 10 respectively.

‘Telenor Video Bundle Offer’ offers 500 MBs of internet data for one hour, while ‘Telenor Daily Lite 4G Package’ offers 50 MBs of internet data for one day with 4G services for Rs. 12.

In addition to the aforementioned bundles, the business now offers the “Telenor Raat Din 3G, 4G Package,” which is reasonably priced and gives customers 1.5 GBs of internet access from midnight to noon for only Rs 15.

The choice is yours. More Se Zyada MBs se apka kya stream kerne ka irada hai? 

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Your package is valid for 7 days after subscription and subscribers will be notified after the package expiry

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages 4G Weekly Super

4G Weekly Super
Internet4000MB (incl. 2000MB 1 AM to 11 AM
Validity7 Days
Activation CodeDial *288#
On net Minutes0
Off-Net Minutes0
RateRs. 120 incl. tax

In the package of Telenor, you get 4000 MB which can use 2000 MB from 1 AM to 11 AM and the code to activate it is also given to you. Add and remember this package you can get one from any place in Pakistan. Telenor Weekly Internet Packages Code Is also Available. If you activate This package You have no sms No mints Only mb Internet Data.

Elenor caters to the specific needs of many people by offering a selection of 3G/4G data packages ranging from free to over 6000 rupees. Packages may only be kept for a day, a week, or a month. There are also some robust internet deals for gadgets. Along with the given internet data, there are also a few premium add-ons available, including :

Free Internet-free minutes
Free SMS and online minutes
The Telenor Facebook Flex package allows you to use Facebook’s basic features for free for an entire day, and the Telenor Social Package offers access to Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook—the three most popular social media platforms that everyone uses—for just 6 rupees for a 24-hour period. With the Telenor Easy Card package, you can get all three

Telenor Internet Packages Weekly Code

Haftawar Chappar Phaar Offer
Internet70 MB + 350 Social MB
Validity7 Days
Activation CodeDial *5*700#
On net MinutesUnlimited
Off-Net Minutes0
RateRs. 100 incl. tax

In the Telenor package, you get 70 mb plus 350 mb social plate form which you can use for calls along with on-net minutes, and that too for Rs 100.

Due to the partnership between the two industry titans, Telenor subscribers will receive a full day of free Facebook Flex usage. The use of Facebook Flex does not require a subscription to any specific plan.

It indicates that Facebook is entirely free. Other social media platforms are also essentially free to use. For one rupee, you could use Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook for a day.

The Telenor Social Pack gives subscribers access to 50 MBs of internet. Telenor offers the “Telenor Good Time Offer,” which gives the customer unlimited calls in addition to 200 MBs, if the consumers want voice call minutes. 50 MBs of the allocated data can be used by the subscriber for social media (Facebook).

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