Zong Advance Balance Code 2023 Jazz Balance code

Zong Advance Balance Code 2023

Zong Advance Balance Loan Code 2023

Jazz Advance Balance Code 2023

Have you run out of balance Are you worried about running out of balance Are you a Zong user No need to panic Just don’t worry and choose Zong Advance Balance Code, Yes You Can Get Zong Advance Zong provides a facility where you can take advance money from them as a loan?  

you can use this balance by calling SMS and searching on the internet this money given by the Zong will be beneficial to you in every way. You can get two advances from Zong at a time. This zong feature is great and amazing for the users.

Zong also gives its customers the facility if they have used a balance of 700 or less in the last three months. If there is, they can take it three times. Besides, if someone uses more or less balance, there is no problem for him, he can also take an advance of 15 or 30 rupees.

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Zong Advance Code

Are you too worried about Zong’s balance being depleted?

If you want to call others and you don’t have a balance, then there is no need to worry at all because Zong provides its customers with advanced loan facilities and can avail of loans in any time, and they can meet the requirements. This feature of Zong is very amazing and many people are taking advantage of it

Zong Advance Code 2022

Zong wants to provide its customers with the best facilities so that they don’t choose any other network, so they first provided a one-time loan facility of 25 rupees. then increase the price of the loan by 25 up to 30 rupees and it can also be taken two or three times.

Company NameContact NumberEmailMain Office Address
Zong310[email protected]TF Complex, Aiwan-e-Sanat-o-Tijarat, Mauve Area, G-9/4, Islamabad

Zong Advance Loan Code

Detail Of Zong Loan

Detail Of Zong Loan

Detail Of Zong Loan
  • If you take a single advance of Rs 15 then the charges will be Rs 3.50 paisa tax
  • A super loan of 30 rupees if you are a person, then its charges will be 6.50 rupees tax, which means two loans of 15 rupees.
  • If you take a load of Rs 60, you will have to pay a tax of Rs 12
  • If you load Rs 30 then the charges will be Rs 7 tax

Yaari load

If your Zong runs out of balance somewhere along the way and you have to urgent call., you can take advantage of Zong’s emergency call service to call whoever you call next through this Feature. It will be done with the Friend’s money and in this way, your call will also be made and your money will not be charged. Through this feature, you can also request the balance from your friend. The procedure is very simple and easy.

How To Get Zong Loan Code

  • You can easily get Zong Loan by following the following steps
  • First dial *911# and you will be given a twenty-five rupees loan by the lender
  • Also, if you have the Zong application, you can take a loan from it
  • If your balance is less than twenty rupees, you can take a loan from Zong
  • Another way to get a loan from Zong is to send a blank message to 6911
  • All Zong users can avail of this offer. 
  • Zong users can receive money as an advance from Zong in case of emergency.
  • Send a message to 911 with blank 
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Terms And Conditions Of Zong Loan

  • The income tax rate is 15%
  • The rate of FID tax is 19.50%%
  • the sales tax rate of 19.5% applies to it

CategoryLoan Amount (PKR)Service Charges (PKR)
Single Advance Loan1515 rupees of 3.5 + tax
Two Standard Advance Loans3015 rupees 2 times 7 + tax
Single Super Advance Loan301-time loan of 30 6 + tax
Two Super Advance Loans602-time loan of 30 rupees 12 + tax


This article is written Just for information In this article You will get All About Information if you zong user then you will know how to get a loan from zong we have described some easy method that is very easy for all people. if you have any questions then also customer support Details added You can Contact Customer Support Easily.

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