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Zong Balance Save Code 2023

Balance Save Code Zong

Zong Balance Save Code 2022 with Zong Balance Lock Code. Save your balance using Code. Dial *4004# from Zong 4G Prepaid SIM to activate the service for free. There will be no charges for this service.

Zong Balance Save Code | dreamyworldinfo

Customers using all 4G networks in Pakistan had to worry about their balance being cut off. Every time users use the internet, their existing balance gets depleted. Zong Network has solved the problem of users by introducing Zong Balance Save Code. In Zong parlance, this service is called bank account management. which offers a balance lock system to the user. You can easily save your required balance to another account with the help.

Zong Balance Save Code 2023

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 As we have told you earlier that when the user turns on the data to use the internet, many apps are working in the background of the mobile, due to which the balance of the internet package is exhausted as well. So Zong has provided a free service to save your balance called. There will be neither weekly nor monthly subscription charges. The details of which are as follows.

Zong Balance Save Code 2023 Dial *4004# Using Internet

The only way to dial *4004# when using mobile internet is using the Zong Balance Save Code 2023. All Zong internet users are constantly searching for new methods to save money. If you have an Android phone with a Zong SIM and are having trouble with your Zong balance being deducted without you making a call or sending an SMS, read on. Follow the below-mentioned dialling code technique if you wish to lock your balance and halt unwanted deductions.

Sometimes you may forget to turn off your Zong mobile data until you check your balance and discover it has dropped to the lowest possible level. When this occurs, you get agitated and dissatisfied with the service and decide to switch your Zong SIM to one from another network, such as Telenor, Jazz, or Ufone.

How to Zong Balance Save Code

There are a few steps you can follow to save your balance.

  • First dial *4004#.
  • Then select Prepaid.
  • Dial “1” to subscribe now.
  • “Zong 4G Management Service” will be enabled. The service is free.
  • After this process, you will receive a confirmation SMS.

How does withdrawing zong save balance?

After saving your balance you start using the internet freely. But when you need a balance, you worry about how to get your balance back. So by following these steps you can unsubscribe from this service.

When you dial the Zong Balance Save Code 2021, your balance is saved and your money is saved when you use the internet afterward. If you want to return it, there is also a code for that which you have to dial and your balance will be returned to you. So whenever you start using the internet, the balance will be saved

  • First dial “*4004#”.
  • 2nd Select and unsubscribe.
  • The service is unsubscribed for free.

Zong Customer Support.

Company Contact NumberEmailMain Office Address
SAPT Container Tracking310[email protected]Plot#47, Kuri Road, National Park Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad.

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